Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

92 INTERVIEW The seamless hybrid solution for surveillance video management Bernard Lamborelle explains the benefits of Tiger Surveillance’s data management software coupled with Microsoft Azure The surge in higher-resolution cameras and longer data retention periods presents new challenges for organisations. All-cloud solutions offer tempting promises but often entail substantial disruption and expenses. An emerging solution is the hybrid approach, exemplified by Surveillance Bridge, a data management solution developed by Tiger Surveillance for organisations that want to improve their surveillance capabilities. Bernard Lamborelle, vice president of technology at Tiger Surveillance, explains how the hybrid approach is redefining video data management. What is fuelling the surge in storage volumes for video and what challenges are businesses facing as a result? The proliferation of detailed video content, the extraction of valuable data with artificial intelligence, and evolving legislations are driving organisations to amass larger volumes of camera recordings. However, this presents multifaceted challenges. Legal requirements relating to video preservation including for lawsuits and accident evidence, emerge as a paramount concern. This underscores the necessity for scalable storage infrastructures with robust disaster recovery strategies. How can firms cope with rising volumes of video recordings? Organisations often struggle with meeting their retention goals due to ever-changing requirements. The ongoing addition of cameras necessitates unending provisioning for expansion. Unfortunately, the allocation of resources for storage, such as data centre space, electricity, air conditioning, and ongoing maintenance becomes a notable concern. In light of these complexities, businesses are confronted with the decision of expanding on-premises storage, embracing video surveillance as a solution (VSaaS), or adopting a flexible hybrid model. BY ALICE CHAMBERS “ Surveillance Bridge can utilise an Azure Archive tier for cost-effective long-term storage”