Technology Record - Issue 30: Autumn 2023

94 Transforming processes for the digital age BRYANT HARLAND: EXPERLOGIX In a time of global competition and ever-changing technology, businesses must ensure that their processes are optimised to take full advantage of new solutions Digital transformation has been a business technology buzzword for years now, and it is true that organisations have undergone incredible transformation. Yet, many businesses still struggle to successfully navigate the disruption and optimise their use of digital technology to reap the benefits. Cloud solutions have been at the forefront of these digital transformations, and adoption isn’t just growing; it’s accelerating. According to a survey from Harvard Business Review, 67 per cent of business leaders said their organisation accelerated at least one cloud implementation in 2021. At the same time, 62 per cent also said they had difficulty keeping up with everchanging technology. One of the challenges that we often see working with clients around the world is that successfully implementing new technology requires more than just technical changes. Adopting and optimising new software also requires significant process transformation, and it’s those changes that businesses frequently underestimate. The digital era has put a lot of pressure on organisations. It’s now possible for nearly any business to compete globally, and smaller companies have access to sophisticated technology and tools that were formerly only VIEWPOINT