Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

101 INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING provider, have successfully implemented a combination of digital twin technology and AI tools to optimise their processes and improve efficiency. “Bridgestone has developed a digital twin system for tyre manufacturing, which allows it to simulate and optimise the manufacturing process,” says Floyd. “This has resulted in improved quality control, reduced waste and increased efficiency. Bridgestone is also accelerating product design with AI-connected digital twins and 3D models that allow engineers to simulate and rapidly prototype concepts based on specific criteria before committing physical resources or materials. “Strabag has leveraged Microsoft Azure to develop a digital twin of its construction sites, enabling it to simulate and optimise construction processes. It is also using AI tools to analyse data from sensors on its construction equipment, predicting maintenance needs and improving maintenance schedules. This has resulted in reduced downtime for its customers and improved safety on construction sites. “Strabag’s risk management solution, created using Azure OpenAI Service, has also empowered employees to make data-driven decisions, predicting risk with 80 per cent accuracy after just three months of data.” Microsoft is working with several partners to accelerate time to market with digital twins and AI tools. AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, is one. The strategic collaboration between the two firms has expanded to provide customers with cloudbased platforms such as AVEVA Connect and Microsoft Fabric. “These platforms streamline the process of collecting, transforming and unifying data from various sources, including manufacturing processes and supply chains,” says Floyd. “They offer tools for data cleansing, transformation and enrichment, thereby making the data more consistent and useful for downstream applications and preparing it to power AI capabilities.” Microsoft has also collaborated with Siemens to develop the Siemens Industrial Copilot. This AI-powered assistant is designed to enhance human-machine collaboration in manufacturing by generating, optimising and debugging complex automation code. It also provides valuable guidance for maintenance Strabag has developed digital twins of its sites to optimise construction processes