Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

103 INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING We asked selected analysts and Microsoft partners how Microsoft-powered AI tools and digital twin technology are helping manufacturers to improve industrial processes Partner perspectives “Manufacturers are continuously churning business strategies for gaining operational efficiencies and delivering differentiated value to customers. Infosys is leveraging Microsoft technologies to design digital twins aligned to the latest industry design principles. Using Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, we are bringing the power of immersive, mixedreality capabilities to deepen and accelerate interactivity across the value network. Powered by AI algorithms, Azure digital twins automate collection and processing of data from various sources. Designed to handle large volumes of real-time data, these algorithms ensure that the digital twin remains accurate. Backed by these innovations, we are helping customers enhance productivity, predict product failures, optimise supply chain operations and improve the reliability of equipment and production lines.” “Blue Yonder’s Luminate Cognitive Platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure, enables users to create the data layer that underpins their digital twin, delivers the AI and machine learning that makes their cognitive digital twin smart, and serves as the software-as-a-service foundation that drives speed and scale of scenario planning and decisioning. Blue Yonder is also harnessing the power of generative AI, large language models and our decades of supply chain expertise to deliver Blue Yonder Orchestrator. Integrated within the Luminate Platform, Blue Yonder Orchestrator accelerates data-driven decision-making by delivering predictive insights, guided recommendations and automation to your fingertips.” Suman Shrivastav Delivery Manager, Americas, Microsoft Practice Infosys Mathieu Linder Vice President of Product Management Blue Yonder