Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

105 “RSM US is utilising Microsoft-powered AI tools, IoT devices and digital twin technology to help manufacturers improve industrial processes and design new products. By implementing predictive maintenance schedules, RSM US ensures optimal uptime for production lines and reduces quality problems due to machine error. This allows clients in the manufacturing industry to stay ahead of the competition and bring innovative products to market faster. With the right data collection and analysis services in place, the possibilities of Microsoft-powered AI tools and digital twin technology are endless.” “Sight Machine has integrated its Manufacturing Data Platform with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to introduce Factory Copilot, a natural language user interface that offers an intuitive, ‘ask the expert’ experience for all users, regardless of their data proficiency. Factory Copilot harnesses generative AI to help users understand manufacturing production status in real time, accelerating problem solving, analysis and reporting. Sight Machine uses Azure IoT Edge to seamlessly and securely transfer plant data to Azure via IoT Hub, where Sight Machine transforms streaming data for use in front-end tools as well as Power BI and Azure Digital Twins, providing system-wide analysis and visibility.” Nick Bierbrodt Director, Business Applications Consulting RSM US Kurt DeMaagd Chief AI Officer and Co-Founder Sight Machine INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING