Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

CONTENTS 11 CROSS-BORDER PROTECTION Kathleen Mitford and Satish Thomas explain how Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty is helping organisations to prioritise regulatory compliance and data security 18 MARKETWATCH The latest news from Microsoft and its partners, including Satya Nadella’s insights on why generative AI will be game changing 36 Starting strong Sally Ann Frank discusses the values behind the Microsoft for Startups programme and some of the solutions it has helped to develop for the health and life sciences industries 48 G abe Rivero explains how Avaya is helping clients to improve their customer experience with cloudbased contact centre solutions 50 Adrian Amos from Synergy Technical discusses how the combination of cloud computing and AI adoption is reshaping the business landscape 51 Kyndryl’s Faith Taylor explains how organisations can prioritise sustainability in their corporate strategies with AI technologies 52 Amy Mosher of isolved reflects on the importance of AI-powered analytics from a HR perspective 54 K yndryl’s Naveen Kamat shares how organisations can modernise their data estates 55 C loud-based documents management systems provide better opportunities for accessibility and collaboration, says Metafile’s Andy Birkey 56 Dan Riley outlines how Kyndryl’s Security Operations provides customers with a centralised view of their security infrastructures 40 ISSUE 31: WINTER 2023