Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

125 MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS We asked Microsoft partners Ateme and EZDRM how they are using cloud computing solutions to help deliver new capabilities for content creation and delivery Partner perspectives “Partnering with Microsoft Azure Edge Computing is a big step for us in making content delivery even better. Microsoft’s technology helps us give our TITAN encoding and NEA delivery solutions a boost, ensuring top-quality streaming, super-fast delivery and minimal delay. This means viewers receive their favourite content more quickly and smoothly, resulting in an awesome viewing experience. By blending our expertise with Azure's smart tools, TITAN and NEA adapt content perfectly for different devices, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable watching experience. This collaboration sets the stage for major advances in low-latency content delivery.” “A cloud-centric digital rights management-as-a-service architecture was an early call to action for the team at EZDRM. Deploying these services on Azure grew into a major element of the company’s competitive positioning. Innovation continues today for clients who operate with real world constraints of internet bandwidth and availability. Our cloudhybrid architectures, where we can best leverage the foundation stones of Azure technology in conjunction with edge compute resources, can help address less than robust global connectivity, time-sensitive and latency-critical tasks, and ensure robust availability where audiences are unforgiving about service glitches.” Yohann Guilloux Vice President of Global Partnerships Ateme Olga Kornienko Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder EZDRM Photo: Unsplash/surface Photo:iStock/Aum-racha/Unsplash/mael-balland