Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

127 MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS demand higher bandwidth to deliver the desired level of immersion. Consistent quality must also be maintained to keep users engaged and satisfied. Any quality fluctuations can disrupt the immersive experience and lead to user dissatisfaction. Lightweight and simplified devices are the final requirement to make the experiences more enticing and broaden accessibility. Cumbersome and complex devices can hinder widespread adoption. A catalyst for metaverse evolution 5G is a pivotal enabler of the metaverse and mixed reality experiences, bringing several key advantages. Firstly, 5G enables application deployment in a multi-access edge computing (5G-MEC) node. This architecture reduces latency by processing data closer to the user and facilitates the creation of distributed applications running in the cloud instead of the user devices themselves. This is key for developing lightweight headsets that require less processing power and memory to operate. Furthermore, 5G higher bandwidths and ultralow latency empower 6DOF gaming engines to deliver seamless, real-time interactions within virtual environments. This means players can interact with others and the environment with precision, which fosters an unparalleled sense of presence and immersion. 5G also supports multicast-broadcast technology, ideal for delivering content to a large audience simultaneously. This is essential for live events, concerts and sports in the metaverse. The technology also offers efficient and seamless application programming interfaces for the highest quality metaverse applications. With network slicing, the 5G network can reserve a virtual private network, so they can execute smoothly and securely. As media and entertainment companies strive to meet the evolving demands of younger audiences, the integration of 5G and metaverse applications based on Ateme solutions via Microsoft Azure offers an exciting path forward. This synergy promises to reshape the way we consume entertainment and opens limitless possibilities for the immersive, interactive and interconnected world of the metaverse. The future of media and entertainment has never looked more promising, thanks to the power of 5G. Williams Tovar is director of 5G media streaming solutions at Ateme The Meta Quest 2 from Meta is one of the devices that allows users to access the metaverse Photo: Meta