Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

129 AVIXA’s ‘AV for IT pros’ training course will help individuals understand how to combine AV and IT technologies MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS to IT; the course’s purpose is to explore the areas where AV is handled differently within this process.” AVIXA also aims to outline the numerous applications and protocols governing AV functionality, such as video conferencing and streaming, that are impacting the integration of AV within IT networks. “IT professionals may be familiar with protocols for AV over IP, such as real-time transport protocol and dynamic adaptive streaming,” says Taggart. “However, individuals from IT backgrounds are typically less familiar with protocols for AV control, which are also vital to the total system function for applications like streaming, hybrid meetings, digital signage and other common AV use cases. It’s not a case of everything works with everything; it’s vital to check that the input and output devices, encoders and decoders, and control systems are compatible.” Within this context, the course briefs learners on common AV control protocols such as HDMI consumer electronics control, which is the Recommended Standard 232 for data transmission and digital multiplex. It also identifies common AV protocols such as AV bridging, Dante, software defined video-over-ethernet and IP protocol media experience. In addition, IT professionals will learn how to manage AV traffic effectively. “Everything starts with a good needs analysis and an understanding of where AV will require some slightly different practices from the typical network design and management,” says Taggart. “Bandwidth, latency issues and compatibility are key items that can make or break the performance of AV systems on the network, and there are practices to address these such as segmenting AV traffic from other types of traffic on a given network.” All of this will prepare media professionals for the fusion of IT and AV technologies. “The course provides a comprehensive overview of available elements, quick pros and cons, and explains why these aspects need consideration, as well as how they interplay with networks,” says Taggart. “Those who want to continue with a deeper dive into these AV-specific protocols as well as AV over IP can move on to other courses with AVIXA such as the ‘Understanding AVoIP Protocols, Ports, and Sockets’ mini course or any of the ‘Audiovisual LAN’ series of courses.” Learn more at: Photo: Unsplash/wes hicks