Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

RETAIL & CG Carrefour developed a chatbot using Microsoft’s OpenAI Azure service that helps online customers choose products Domino’s Pizza is one of the retailers using AI to better understand its customers in the UK and Ireland. The organisation uses the Demand Planning feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, which leverages AI to predict customer ordering trends without the need for hundreds of spreadsheets and with a forecast accuracy of 97.5 per cent. This means that Domino’s Pizza can better plan its supply chains, leading to less waste and a reduced carbon footprint. Retailers can also use AI to create new experiences for customers and enhance the shopping journey. “People want to find, not just search,” says Rajagopalan. “Businesses should be implementing improved search functions and rethinking interactions, personalisation, product catalogue tagging and matchmaking. “If a shopper visits an online store and asks a question like ‘what shall I wear to my cousin’s wedding this spring?’, they receive personalised recommendations, while the business gets a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs and preferences.” Carrefour, a French retail corporation that operates a chain of grocery and convenience stores, is one of the organisations taking this approach to adopting AI. The firm used Microsoft’s OpenAI Azure service to develop Hopla, a chatbot integrated into the Carrefour website that allows customers to ask for help with choosing products based on their “ Generative AI now enables brands and shoppers to have conversations in natural language and create personalised content” Photo: iStock/ivotheeditors 145