Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

147 RETAIL & CG We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are using Microsoft technology and AI to help retail and consumer goods clients improve supply chain management, in-store operations and customer engagement Partner perspectives “Retail is among the first few industries to adopt the emerging use cases of generative AI. First movers among enterprises are leveraging generative AI to automate repetitive tasks, offer superior customer service backed by generative AI and produce high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. Consumers are also actively engaging with this technology to shop and find personalised inspiration for purchases. Apart from the clear opportunities that generative AI offers for generating differentiated customer experiences, retail leaders are excited about the promising avenues of growth it unlocks for a sustained competitive edge.” “Through integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Avalara can offer a holistic solution for enhanced business performance. Avalara Dynamics 365 integrations allow retailers to optimise supply chain efficiency, streamline in-store operations and elevate customer engagement. The seamless data synchronisation enables informed decision-making by automating compliance and tax processes to mitigate risks, which allows businesses to focus on core operations.” George Trantas Senior Director of Global Marketplaces Avalara Ramana Raju Nidadavolu Manager, Go-to-Market, Microsoft Practice Infosys “Analytics specialist Tollring is leveraging Microsoft’s powerful cloud ecosystem to deliver a new level of insight that helps organisations to enhance their connectedness in both internal collaboration and external communication. Powerful new AI-driven analytics tools that are easy to implement will drive productivity and efficiencies using Microsoft Teams. For instance, Tollring is soon launching AI-driven analytics of Teams call recordings to automate the detection of keywords and subject topics, helping people to find and analyse the conversations that matter. This innovation opens a realm of insights into customer sentiment, trends and behavioural patterns that will ultimately enrich the customer experience.” Hilary Oliver Chief Marketing and Experience Officer Tollring Photo: istock/visoot Photo: iStock/Petar Chernaev