Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

29 Infosys is empowering frontline workers with its REF-OR-M Smart Field Automation platform, which streamlines facility and asset management, delivers data insights and interfaces with organisations’ operational technology. The platform is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of solutions, Power Apps, Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and is designed to combat the challenges in asset management, field service team management, customer satisfaction tracking and more. Recently, Infosys deployed the solution to transform service management of over 450,000 assets across the globe for a US investment banking and securities firm. Infosys REF-OR-M Smart Field Automation Sight Machine has launched Factory Copilot, a generative artificial intelligence solution that is integrated into the firm’s Manufacturing Data Platform (MDP) and leverages the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to provide easier access to manufacturing problem solving, analysis and reporting. Factory Copilot’s natural language interface offers users an intuitive, ‘ask the expert’ experience and delivers real-time insights from production queries, such as key performance indicator reporting, performance comparisons, trend analyses and recommendations on optimal settings. Sight Machine’s MDP captures the entire manufacturing process in a secure industrial data foundation, incorporating and contextualising data from all sensors, machines, lines and plants operated by a company. Sight Machine Factory Copilot democratises industrial data with generative AI solution Photo composite: Unspash/Microsoft Edge and Sight Machine SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION AVEVA and Microsoft are collaborating to further strengthen their respective data integration platforms and help customers in key industries incorporate artificial intelligence into their operations. ‘According to AVEVA, this will lead to “an even closer synergy” between industrial cloud platform AVEVA Connect and data analytics solution Microsoft Fabric, which streamline the process of collecting, transforming and unifying data from various sources. They will gather data from different parts of an organisation’s operations, including manufacturing processes, supply chains and other relevant systems. Together, AVEVA Connect and Microsoft Fabric can help to create the “complete data analytics platform for the era of AI”, according to AVEVA. Organisations can access their complete data estate to gain insights that will empower teams and transform business. Having a unified view of data from different stages of the manufacturing process can also help with green software initiatives, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and improving overall efficiency and sustainability. Read more about AVEVA‘s expanded partnership with Microsoft at: AVEVA and Microsoft expand data platform collaboration Photo: iStock/gorodenkoff