Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

46 COVER STORY Broadening out of the subject of data sovereignty, we asked selected Microsoft partners how they are helping customers to capitalise on the value of their data and adopt AI to empower their workforces, increase customer engagement and gain a competitive advantage Partner perspectives “Blue Yonder is accelerating business transformation for agility and resilience at a speed and scale appropriate for each organisation. It provides a calibrated evolution on a cloud-native cognitive platform, which is powered by composable software-as-a-service microservices to help organisations simplify time to launch and realise predictable and faster return on investment. Powered by predictive and generative AI, businesses gain improvements in productivity from data-driven decisioning tailored to maximise the effectiveness and potential of the employees at the centre of the transformation. With upgrade-safe extensibility and investment protection, each element of the platform pays for itself, seeds the next and ensures sustainable competitive advantage.” “Data is the most valuable asset to any organisation. Essentially, it’s the organisation’s crown jewels, and as such, it needs to be protected. But gone are the days of the ‘castle and moat’ type of security strategy. Whether moving to the cloud or testing AI in applications, data is becoming more exposed to risk and requires a strong security layer to protect processes. Entrust’s solutions help our customers implement the ‘never trust, always verify’ principle we see in zero trust, as it’s a cybersecurity best practice worth following to ensure data can only be accessed by the right entity, in the right way, at the right time.” Shri Hariharan Head of Manufacturing Industry Solutions Blue Yonder Samantha Mabey Director, Digital Solutions Marketing Entrust