Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

69 The City of Brampton in Ontario, Canada, has reduced its cyberthreat alerts by 70 per cent with Sentinel and Difenda Shield lack of integration between products. The deployed solutions operate in silos and the value of listening to different perspectives is offset by inefficiencies and failures in communication channels. “The security community has an obligation to our customers to make sure our solutions work together. In support of this responsibility, MISA consists of companies looking to integrate and provide better visibility, protection and choice for our joint customers. MISA enables collaboration with leading security technology and service companies, so together we can help customers realise the benefit of using solutions from multiple vendors in harmony. Members are nominated for their ingenuity in creating smart security products that integrate with and services that layer on top of Microsoft Security products.” MISA membership is by nomination only, according to Thomson. “We have limited capacity, and we are looking to work with the most strategic security partners at a given time so that together we can ensure our joint customers have peace of mind knowing they have access to leading security technology.” Microsoft Security solutions are designed to help eliminate inefficient silos and patchwork fixes, closing the gaps with simplified, comprehensive protection. By eliminating redundant capabilities, organisations can avoid the hassles of managing multiple contracts and licenses, saving up to 60 per cent in cost, according to Microsoft. MISA members are joining in this effort to simplify security for its customers by creating product integrations. IN FOCUS: MISA Photo: City of Brampton