Technology Record - Issue 31: Winter 2023

86 us to help monitor the web for bad actors that are posing as them and offering their products. It’s especially prevalent on social media where attackers disguise themselves as a particular retailer across TikTok or Instagram accounts. When this happens, it damages company reputations and impacts their revenue. We have the ability to monitor those kinds of behaviours to help retailers batten down the hatches.” Meanwhile, the technology that makes it possible to access medical results online or healthcare appointments opens up a variety of risks. “When individuals access personal data through cloud infrastructure, it creates the potential for data breaches at all those access points,” says Devine. “Hospitals need to continue to raise their security awareness through training and security solution implementation like firewalls and vulnerability scanning to help protect against cyberattacks and personal data breaches.” Looking ahead to 2024, Fortra will continue to assist organisations with their risk-mitigation initiatives and strategies. “Role-based training is an effective method to mitigate human-related risk because it involves simulating phishing emails tailored to different team members,” says Devine. “The simulation will create emails that are likely to generate a ‘click’ from receivers such as requests for branding approvals for marketing executives. At Fortra, we use machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered tools to analyse individuals and their behaviour to create tailored security training programmes.” The firm also plans to continue developing third-party awareness solutions for their clients, to avoid the repercussions of cyberattacks on third parties. “Organisations need to understand that they are only as strong as the weakest link in their supply chain,” says Devine. “A business that is doing great in managing its employees and increasing security awareness is still at risk of a cyberattack if it has one supplier that experiences an account or system compromise. Whatever ecosystem a firm is working with, they need to encourage best practices before connecting their systems with third parties to avoid being infiltrated through shared systems or networks.” Fortra is helping hospitals to conduct security awareness training and implement security solutions Photo: iStock/sturti INTERVIEW