Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

100 FEATURE Joe Bohman Executive Vice President, Digital Industries Software, Siemens “Manufacturers can install a secure, real-time pipeline from their plant to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to power Azure Digital Twins. Securing the data means isolating operational technology (OT) networks from IT and the cloud with a demilitarised zone and making only outbound connections through OT firewalls. Tunnel/mirror technology from Skkynet provides this kind of secure, real-time data connection for open platform communications, message queuing telemetry transport and other industrial protocols to IoT Hub. The Cogent DataHub service is an Azure-managed application that enables one-way or bidirectional connections to live process data to power alerting, analytics and other tasks using Azure services like Azure Digital Twins.” Xavier Mesrobian Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Skkynet Cloud Systems “Sustainability is becoming an important driver of today’s businesses to ensure a better, faster and cheaper model. Making that happen requires understanding the entire life cycle of development from early concept through to the end-of-life of the product with IoT-driven processes. Siemens Industrial Edge uses Azure Machine Learning to analyse images and videos during production. This enables quality management teams to scale quality control, identify product variances and make real-time adjustments even faster. It also leverages factory data to schedule machines to run efficiently and provides manufacturers with information on the material and component supplier as part of the traceability of products.” Photo: iStock/MTStock Studio