Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

105 INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING “Our customer manufactures electrical, highvoltage cabinets that are extremely dangerous to work on, so the training process is rigorous,” says Mislin. “We built a virtual reality training environment for them with a step-by-step training guide that gradually presents more complicated scenarios. It also provides less hints as an employee develops so they can make mistakes in the virtual set-up rather than in the real world. This means there are no real consequences and workers know how to maintain safety in real-life scenarios.” The journey towards integrating and optimising data within the manufacturing sector is a challenging, yet essential, endeavour. Leveraging technological advancements such as Microsoft Fabric’s One Lake and generative AI can help manufacturers to streamline operations, enhance safety and boost efficiency. And, as the aging workforce transitions towards retirement, manufacturers can harness digital transformation to attract a new generation of workers while driving the sustainable growth of their industry. “The future of manufacturing lies in embracing these innovations to ensure companies remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape,” says Mislin. Volvo is measuring its sustainability performance with help from Avanade and Microsoft Photo: Volvo Cars