Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

113 connectivity, Connect leverages IIaaS to create an intelligent network, where a single version of the truth is available to all stakeholders, including authorised external partners. This enables organisations to eliminate guesswork, standardise production practices and processes around the world, identify business trends, and quickly share innovations at one site across the network. Over the longer term, IIaaS platforms, together with artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, support proactive approaches to planning. By facilitating scenario modelling and what-if analysis, manufacturers can simulate various production scenarios and assess their potential impact on operations to capitalise on emerging opportunities and anticipate and mitigate risks. Automotive parts manufacturer Henn uses AVEVA Data Hub, a joint solution from AVEVA and Microsoft, to gain real-time insights into its production process. Operators use it to precisely track and trace all 550 million parts manufactured from cradle to crate across 18 assembly lines and another 420 machines at customer sites. Identifying information is collated with production and assembly process data, such as asset and environmental conditions, and made available on dashboards for internal and external stakeholders in different locations. With a flexible software-as-a-service-based subscription licensing model to streamline costs, the European industrial leader has been able to build a more efficient manufacturing operation and increase overall reliability. Data sharing among suppliers has delivered quality improvements too. More tangibly, reporting time has dropped from two days to two minutes, an efficiency gain of 10 per cent. To build on this momentum and help its car manufacturer customers protect their brands, Henn is adopting AVEVA Connect to accelerate its digital transformation and further improve future agility. As these examples show, connected information and insights are already helping manufacturers build more agile, resilient and sustainable operations in very fragmented and uncertain market conditions. A graduated approach to sharing these intelligent insights – first within a plant, then across a company’s network and, finally, to partners, suppliers and other entities – can set up a domino effect that can deliver returns for years to come. It’s clear that industrial intelligence is essential to balancing immediate impact with business longevity. Watch a video case study to learn how Schneider Electric used an integrated solution from AVEVA and Microsoft to modernise energy equipment production at plant in Kentucky, USA: Rob McGreevy is chief product officer at AVEVA INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING Schneider Electric has implemented a solution from AVEVA and Microsoft to help teams at a production facility in Kentucky, USA, visualise operational data