Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

117 Manufacturers will be able to use the Siemens NX Immersive Designer solution and Sony XR head-mounted display to visualise the production process INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING on any device,” says Joe Bohman, executive vice president of digital industries software at Siemens. “As a result, organisations can reduce quality issues and close feedback loops faster than ever before.” Furthermore, to stop quality issues altogether manufacturers can use digital twin technology to simulate real-life factory scenarios that predict and prevent potential defects, optimise production processes and enhance product design before physical prototypes are even built, significantly reducing the risk of quality issues in the final products. “A comprehensive digital twin for production planning validates how well a manufacturing process will work on the shop floor before anything goes into production,” explains Bohman. “By using the digital twin to simulate the process and analyse why things happen, companies can create a production methodology that remains efficient under a variety of conditions. This optimises production to enable more efficient and reliable operations.” Manufacturers can create their own digital twins with Siemens NX software, which runs on Azure. The solution captures and analyses operational data and helps users to design and deliver new products quickly to stay ahead of competitors. “Siemens NX software revolutionises product engineering with its secure, scalable and flexible architecture enabling seamless collaboration and multi-disciplined design,” says George Rendell, vice president of NX design product management and product marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Through combining core modelling with industry-specific applications, we are continuously releasing new offerings to suit our users’ evolving business needs. Our upcoming NX Immersive Designer solution and XR head-mounted display – created in partnership with Sony – set a new standard for engineering innovation within the industrial metaverse. Users will be able to visualise the entire process chain before production begins.” “ Our partnership focuses on the integration of key technology like Microsoft Azure OpenAI to enhance customer efficiency and accelerate product development cycles” ROBERT JONES