Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

119 Dominion Energy uses AVEVA Data Hub to share realtime data about its energy sources INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING proof of their low-carbon energy supplies to investors and environmental, social and governance auditors, creating a revenue source for Dominion. Around half of the recipients of the US Department of Energy’s first round of Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships program funding are AVEVA customers. How can you help these clients innovate? From the announcement last year, we have seen nearly $3.5 billion in investments through the GRIP programme for 58 projects across 44 states to strengthen the electric grid resilience and reliability across the country. These projects will help address our electric grids’ three major challenges: an aging infrastructure, increased threat of extreme weather events including wildfires, hurricanes and flooding, and consistent underfunding to replace and modernise existing systems. This is a historic investment. It’s the largest single direct investment in the grid in American history. Every single project – including wildfire mitigation and resilience, microgrids, renewables integration – will generate more data and will need a mature data management and analytics platform to achieve the project milestone in a timely manner and successfully. AVEVA’s proven technology and experience in the utility industry can certainly play a vital role. Optimised, dynamic grids are key to a sustainable global future. How is AVEVA working to enable and empower the next generation of energy companies? Within the emerging power industry, there are many areas where AVEVA Data Hub, available through our industrial intelligence platform, Connect, will play a critical role. By building up a single source of truth and sharing aggregated data securely with ecosystem partners, companies can build stronger, more connected networks. What’s more, our digital twin technology can add exponential value to the modern grid ecosystem. A digital twin of the smart grid network can serve as the virtual representation of its physical and digital components – such as generation, transmission, distribution, consumer and distributed energy resources assets – so that stakeholders can analyse, predict and react to operation events dynamically. The utility sector’s resilience lies in its ability to embrace data-powered insights within a connected and trusted stakeholder community. To discover how Dominion Energy leverages AVEVA Data Hub, watch the video case study at: