Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

13 RETAIL & CG 142 Commerce in the cloud Data and AI tools in the cloud are helping retailers to transform conventional shopping experiences, says Microsoft’s Mike Edmonds 148 Scott Peterson from Avalara on how businesses can manage compliance more effectively PUBLIC SECTOR 135 Rosen Dimitrov from Tiger Health Technology explains how the cloud is helping the healthcare industry to understand vast amounts of data 137 US mental health services provider uses Microsoft Azure and Check Point Infinity XDR/XPR to detect and protect against security threats 138 Cloud technologies are enhancing education by improving security, personalising learning and improving efficiencies, says Microsoft’s Brooke Daniel 140 Aalborg in Denmark upgrades security with Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration, reducing IT support requests and enhancing user awareness 128 Transforming health and social delivery Microsoft’s Brett Lightfoot, Kenya McKenzie-Jones and Andy Pitman explain how the cloud and AI can help social and care organisations to work more productively MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS 120 Race for the future Simon Crownshaw on how Microsoft is staying ahead of the media industry competition with AI and the cloud 125 James Spencer discusses Jabra’s new products and updates, and how they are supporting a streamlined, modern workplace 126 Adrienne Knick explains how AVIXA’s new certification is bridging the AV and IT skills gap