Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

133 PUBLIC SECTOR “Our intelligent data lifecycle management platform Health Bridge and its seamless integration with any cloud, including Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, empowers healthcare stakeholders to efficiently store, analyse and synchronise extensive medical data across multiple locations without disrupting missioncritical operations. The hybrid cloud approach we promote also reduces costs significantly, addressing the prohibitive expenses associated with traditional storage of healthcare data. As a result, we simplify access to AI-driven solutions, making them available to healthcare institutions of all scales. We anticipate this advancement to lead to enhanced diagnostic accuracy, personalised treatment recommendations and predictive analytics for disease prevention and population health management.” Ivo Kanev Vice President, Product, Tiger Health Technology Rob Wells CEO, YoungWilliams “We run large call centres for government programmes, which are expensive, hard to operate efficiently, and always in need of more well-trained staff and money. Microsoft helped us develop an AI chatbot we call Priya, which can answer questions from the public in ways that only humans could in the past. Priya is knowledgeable, empathic, friendly, patient and can carry out human-like conversations in real time. Available to offer instant assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, Priya has the potential to provide the same level of service as an unlimited pool of trained workers. In side-by-side testing, Priya already gets better quality assurance scores than our human customer service representatives.”