Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

139 PUBLIC SECTOR management services monitor and respond to threats. 2. A better learning environment Cloud technology and AI is a gamechanger for educators aiming to personalise learning and improve their time management. Microsoft Copilot with commercial data protection is available for educators to personalise learning, resulting in saved time and energy to reinvest back into their students. For example, staff at Wichita Public Schools, a public unified school district headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, accessed Copilot via their Microsoft 365 A5 accounts to generate and tailor lesson plans for students. They used the AI tools in Copilot as an educational aid for students with diverse learning differences and who speak over 100 different languages. Microsoft Copilot also provides AI chat for the web with access to models like GPT-4 and DALLE-3 at no additional cost, while its commercial data protection feature enables organisational data to be protected, with chat prompts and responses deleted to protect the privacy of teachers and their students. Teachers can find information they need to deliver lessons with links to content sources and then use Copilot to make it accessible for different reading levels and languages. 3. Simplifying administration An educational institution is a place of connections – between faculty, students, colleagues, and wider communities. To make an educational network fruitful, schools need systems that connect information where it’s needed easily, securely and quickly. This means they need intuitive, collaborative and extensible applications and low-code tools that improve productivity and processes to positively impact school experiences and operations. Cloud technology helps to improve efficiency and enhance experiences by optimising core systems, data and analytics. Staff can collocate their business applications, databases, infrastructure and AI services in Azure, and have access to cloud agility and optimised performance that is needed for administrative and academic progress. Azure enables users to embrace a lake-first approach to use accurate, real-time data by connecting separate systems. That data can then be transformed into natural, contextual language with Azure Cognitive Services and Azure OpenAI-powered chatbots to enhance support for faculty and students. The Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 portfolio and extensive Microsoft partner ecosystem also provides the connections users need to achieve every aspect of institutional potential. Learn more about these technologies at: Brooke Daniel is director of industry partner marketing for global partner solutions in the Americas at Microsoft