Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

25 Security solution provider Secured2 has unveiled ParticleMesh, a quantum-secure mesh internet solution that originated as a high-security technology for the US Department of Defense to protect highly sensitive military communications. It has since evolved into an internet solution that meets the need for a zero-trust framework across the public internet in response to the growing complexity of cyber threats. Traditional encryption methods such as AES, RSA and Lattice are becoming increasingly vulnerable to quantum computing and artificial intelligence advancements. To combat this, ParticleMesh features quantum-secure encryption to help data stay secure in transit. ParticleMesh utilises advanced physical data protection methods to align with the security requirements of the Department of Defense that ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information. The solution is also scalable and capable of supporting millions of nodes worldwide. It is also compatible with existing and emerging transmission technologies, including fibre optic, wireless and satellite communications, making it versatile for a range of needs. Secured2 unveils a new quantum-secure internet Teleport is helping security leaders to quickly implement policy across fragmented infrastructure and respond to incidents with Teleport Policy. The platform surfaces complete information on access relationships across access silos. With actionable insights, users can harden their security by removing standing or stale privileges, instantly view who has access to an infrastructure resource, and intervene in a breach before a threat actor can laterally move elsewhere. Teleport Policy delivers real-time security insights