Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

31 Microsoft is empowering its partners to innovate, build and differentiate with artificial intelligence. “AI is a defining technology of our time,” said Nicole Dezen, chief partner officer and corporate vice president of global parter solutions at Microsoft, in the 2024 ‘State of the Partner Ecosystem’. “Over the past year we’ve begun to see how it can unlock profound possibilities for individuals, organisations and society – and it’s clear that we have only scratched the surface. “For Microsoft and our partners across industries, AI offers a generational moment to reimagine the capabilities that software and services can provide. Our goal at Microsoft is to innovate and democratise our breakthroughs in AI, and the opportunity for partners is far greater than the sum of AI technologies themselves.” Dezen revealed some of the new updates to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program that will help partners further utilise AI. These updates include the expansion of AI skilling and events, new benefits packages with product enhancements such as Microsoft 365 developer, and new designations for partners to establish certified AI solutions and find new ways to differentiate themselves. Dezen also shared that there has been a nearly 250 per cent increase in the number of generative AI-related partners in the last eight months, as well as some of the partners that have been making advances in AI development. Find out more at: Microsoft showcases AI-powered telco at MWC 2024 The Microsoft team focused on ‘telco transformation in the era of artificial intelligence’ at Mobile World Congress 2024, which took place in February 2024. They explored four key areas including elevating customer experiences, streamlining business operations, modernising the network and monetising 5G and beyond. “The mobile industry is undergoing a massive transformation as it prepares for the next generation of connectivity, services and experiences,” said Rick Lievano, chief technology officer of worldwide telecommunications industry at Microsoft, in a LinkedIn blog post. “AI is at the heart of this change, enabling telcos to optimise their networks, create new revenue streams and enhance customer experience.” Microsoft partners adopt AI to enhance customer value MARKETWATCH: UPDATES FROM THE MICROSOFT TEAM