Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

integration in almost every hardware product adds capabilities, it can also make the product development cycle longer rather than shorter. Customers are always asking how they can reduce their development time. Generative AI provides an entirely new set of answers to this question. For example, companies using GitHub Copilot, our longest-standing generative AI product, at scale see a 55 per cent productivity increase among their developers, which is game-changing. General Motors, for instance, has integrated GitHub Copilot into its development cycles and accelerated much of the boilerplate process to get them 98 per cent of the way complete with code. Where does Microsoft’s ecosystem of partners add value to the work you’re engaged with? Microsoft partners are a critical component of our work in the manufacturing sector; this is especially true when companies are looking for transformation in product development, and engineering and OT functions. We are working with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) in the manufacturing industry to infuse AI in their offerings, such as the work we have done with Siemens on the Siemens Industrial Copilot, a generative AI-powered assistant designed to enhance human-machine collaboration and boost productivity. Leading automotive supplier Schaeffler is an early adopter and is seeing strong benefits. Also, the Siemens Teamcenter application for Microsoft Teams with Azure OpenAI service accelerates innovation across the product lifecycle. Another example is our collaboration with Sight Machine, which has enabled Intertape Polymer Group to create a data-first platform to contextualise and house all plant data and make it accessible to everyone – from users on the shop floor to executives. This has unlocked hundreds of use cases to improve productivity and efficiency. We are also working with Rockwell Automation to deliver industry-first capabilities with Azure OpenAI Service and FactoryTalk Design Studio to accelerate timeto-market for customers building industrial automation systems. “AI maturity comes down to mastering a set of key capabilities in the right combination” Photo: Sight Machine Manufacturers can use SightMachine’s Manufacturing Data Platform to oversee factory data 41