Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

it was interesting to see how much interest there is in generative AI. This is partly because AI can help overcome challenges such as labour shortages. We are working very closely with leading ISVs in the manufacturing ecosystem to help make their offering more efficient with cloud and AI, which will help manufacturers navigate these challenging times and emerge stronger than ever. Our solutions and services are designed to help manufacturers increase efficiency, resilience and innovation across the manufacturing value chain. Under the banner of the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing we deliver capabilities that support manufacturers to bring compelling new products to market quickly and continuously optimise their operations by using data in a scalable and interoperable way, and infusing AI across workflows to supercharge productivity. Finally, what are your thoughts on the year ahead in manufacturing and mobility? We are experiencing one of the most exciting and technologically advanced eras in the industry with the explosion of AI. It has, and will, continue to change our world in ways we never thought possible. Our job here at Microsoft is to make AI accessible to everyone, in a safe and trusted way. We’re focused on helping manufacturing and mobility companies to adopt AI holistically. AI maturity comes down to mastering a set of key capabilities in the right combinations, not just in data and AI, but also in organisational strategy, talent and culture. It is truly a transformational time and I’m excited to see how our customers and partners will leverage AI to create a more agile, informed and collaborative world. “AI maturity comes down to mastering a set of key capabilities in the right combinations” Photo: Microsoft 44 EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW