Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

IT network “ More than 80 per cent of successful ransomware attacks originate from unmanaged devices” BRAD SMITH, MICROSOFT According to Microsoft’s Zero Trust ebook, Four Ways to Better Secure Your Hybrid Workplace, which names security as the number one challenge for managing a hybrid workplace, the concept of zero trust “treats every attempt at access, regardless of identity or endpoint, as though it’s coming from an open network”. This means that each request for access undergoes rigorous verification prior to approval where security teams follow the approach to “never trust, always verify”. The result is a strong security system built to stop and prevent attackers who try to take advantage of security flaws that might appear when people and devices work outside the usual office environment. To achieve a zero-trust approach to security, businesses need to consider the following steps: understand attack surface, review data protection laws, define access controls and plan disaster recovery. 47 Photo: iStock/treety