Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

COVER STORY We asked selected Microsoft partners how their security tools and strategies safeguard businesses against cyber threats. Partner perspectives “The definition of privilege access management (PAM) needs to evolve to meet today's IT complexities, proven by the increase in cyberattacks. Delinea is a leading provider of solutions that seamlessly extend PAM for the modern, hybrid enterprise. Combining our security expertise with Microsoft’s powerful platform, provides best-in-class access management and threat intelligence which enhances an organisation’s defences. Delinea is also aligning with Microsoft as one of its most strategic security partners, innovating to seamlessly integrate privileged access management into the fabric of Security Copilot. Our commitment to AI-powered cybersecurity is focused on architecting a future where security is as intelligent and dynamic as the threats it faces.” netw “As a trusted cybersecurity service provider, we enable customers to secure their data, comply with regulations and build a security-first culture. We tackle challenges like balancing security with business agility, navigating evolving cyber threats and securing funding for cybersecurity efforts. Our expertise covers the entire range of Microsoft security solutions including Defender, Sentinel, Entra and Purview. Our partnership with Microsoft ensures we offer unparalleled expertise, service quality and speed. Programmes like MISA and Managed Extended Detection and Response, as well as direct links with Microsoft’s product team, enhance our ability to best meet customer needs and expectations.” “Enterprises need an adaptive security platform, like the AI-powered Check Point Infinity platform, to leverage multiple technologies integrated across networks, endpoints, clouds and devices to face the evolving threat landscape. Check Point CloudGuard, a Microsoft Azure-certified solution and part of the Infinity platform, enables businesses to seamlessly secure workloads and connectivity across cloud and on-premises environments and leverage industry leading threat prevention. Check Point’s consolidated architecture enables users to get up and running faster through out-of-the-virtual-box interoperability with Azure Virtual WAN, Azure Gateway Load Balancer, Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Cloud and numerous Azure services.” Mark Eastman Head of Global Cloud Alliances, Check Point Software Technologies Tim Puccio Senior Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances, Delinea Julien Menissez Security Product Manager, Orange Cyberdefense 50 Photo: iStock/AsiaVision Photo: Orange Cyberdefense