Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

COVER STORY “Teleport Access Platform delivers on-demand, least privileged access to infrastructure on a foundation of cryptographic identity and zero trust, with built-in identity security and policy governance. Companies adopt Teleport to improve productivity of engineering teams, fortify infrastructure against bad actors or error, and simplify compliance and audit reporting. Teleport eliminates credentials and secures remote access from anywhere with zero trust in applications and workloads. Teleport is deeply integrated with over 170 infrastructure technologies, including Microsoft offerings such as Active Directory, Azure, Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes Service, GitHub, SOLServer and Windows servers.” “Tiger Surveillance uses our Continuous Data Protection technology to facilitate near-instantaneous replication of video recordings to Azure. Should a disaster occur, we can swiftly reconstruct a local file system by downloading only metadata from Azure, allowing video recordings to be streamed directly from the immediate Azure cloud tier. This approach offers the shortest possible recovery point and recovery time objectives, which significantly contrasts with methods relying on substantial data downloads. From a business perspective, this provides robust and efficient disaster recovery capabilities. To further enhance security against cyber threats, our system leverages Azure’s object versioning and immutability, which are complemented with additional protective measures such as local soft delete.” “As a Microsoft security solution partner, Synergy Technical integrates Microsoft’s security technologies into our core services, ensuring businesses are protected from cyber threats. We create a robust security infrastructure tailored to every business need by leveraging the Purview suite of security tools, such as Sentinel for advanced threat detection and Information Protection for data governance. Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to access the latest security innovations and best practices, ensuring our clients benefit from proactive and adaptive security strategies that effectively mitigate risks and safeguard their digital assets. This collaboration ensures that security is not just an add-on but the cornerstone of all our engagements, providing peace of mind in a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.” Clay Westbay Vice President, Delivery, Synergy Technical Ev Kontsevoy Co-Founder and CEO, Teleport Lance Kelson CEO, Tiger Surveillance 53 Photo: iStock/Marco VDM