Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

7 WELCOME: SPRING 2024 Building solid foundations for growth ANDY CLAYTON-SMITH: EXECUTIVE EDITOR While this issue of Technology Record makes its way to readers, Microsoft’s first generative artificial intelligence security solution will become available worldwide. Microsoft Copilot for Security includes a host of new capabilities that users of all abilities can leverage to ensure security for all. In our cover story, starting on page 46, we look more closely at the subject of security – and specifically the adoption of zero-trust philosophies – with real-world examples of how Microsoft technology is helping enterprise organisations in all sectors protect themselves from ever-evolving threats. Technology Record will be a media sponsor at Hannover Messe 2024, Europe’s largest manufacturing industry event, with some 130,000 attendees hearing from almost 2,000 speakers and 4,000 exhibitors about the latest in industrial transformation. Microsoft will be one of those exhibitors and in this issue we talk with corporate vice president of manufacturing and mobility Dominik Wee about the themes that will be promoted at this year’s event, the partners who are helping enrich the work that Microsoft does in manufacturing and the ways in which AI is set to revolutionise the sector over the coming years. That interview begins on page 38. Industry analyst IDC suggests that organisations adopting AI are set to make an average $3.5 return on every $1 invested. In the media industry, Bloomberg estimates that embracing AI tools could transform a $40 billion market in 2022 into one worth approximately $1.3 trillion by 2032. As we find out from Microsoft’s Simon Crownshaw in our media feature starting on page 120, Microsoft is in the vanguard of this phenomenal expansion. I hope you enjoy the read.