Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

76 INTERVIEW management system platform that helps customers manage workplaces and optimise space globally. The integration with OpenBlue solutions allows for richer data and insights to emerge creating operational and energy efficiencies as well as better occupant health and space optimisation. We know that a comfortable, healthy workplace supports productivity and peak performance. Considering that 60 per cent of respondents in FM Systems’ Inside the Workplace report said they want employees back in-office five days a week in the next three years, a healthy workplace is an important deliverable for our customers. Smart buildings also improve operational efficiency and equipment performance. A lack of skilled maintenance resources and actionable insights lead to costly unplanned downtime for building equipment. Technology like automated fault-detection diagnostics and predictive maintenance address these challenges and allow facilities managers and building owners to scale their organisations without necessarily expanding teams. Finally, the smart building of the future will automate physical security for improved protection and less effort for occupants, giving them peace of mind and more freedom of movement throughout a building or campus. For example, touchless access control opening doors for authorised individuals, but alert security personnel if a tailgater violation occurs or using occupancy data to efficiently help evacuate an area in the event of a fire or safety threat. At Johnson Controls, we create seamless integration with third-party systems devices and equipment through the support of industry standard protocols, a library of connectors and an application programming interface strategy to create flexibility, scalability and extensibility of the platform. Forrester found that 80 per cent of leaders said they seek partners that use the latest technology and can provide one digital platform across all sites and use cases, and our integration abilities enable us to serve a variety of customers. Where do partnerships sit in Johnson Control’s broader vision to create sustainable autonomous buildings? The intent is to forge strong alliances across the globe with top partners and customers so we can make sure we’re serving the needs of the world in a consistent way. We’re focused on building a top-down strategy for the most effective and impactful alliances and we were thrilled to win the 2023 Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor Partner of the year award. In December 2023, we also launched our OpenBlue partner programme where together we will scale our businesses with partners who will have an opportunity to grow, and increase customer value through digital solutions. What excites you the most about the transformation journey Johnson Controls is on? I’m going to reference one of my favourite quotes from late US president John F. Kennedy in 1962 to answer this one: “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” Climate change is the existential crisis of our generation and addressing it is an immense challenge but that’s the business Johnson Controls and its partners are in today and it’s a privilege to be part of that story. Working in a healthy environment supports employee productivity and peak performance