Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

78 VIEWPOINT Embracing generative AI-powered tools boosts employee productivity and innovation MATTHEW EDGERTON: ACCENTURE Technology needs to be more human The ever-rising tide of technology and competition for consumer attention is creating a cacophony of noise for the average employee around the world. The human attention span has never been more embattled for a few moments of focus. The answer to this problem lies in embracing more human-like technology. The workforce needs access to more intuitively designed technology that demonstrates more human-like intelligence, such as the ability to interact with customers. “Technology that is human by design will reach new people and expand access to knowledge, which will enable ongoing innovation,” says Accenture in its Technology Vision 2024 report. “As technology becomes more intuitive, we can tap into these people as new customers and new employees.” Generative artificial intelligence is poised to provide the most significant economic uplift and change to work since the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and it will lead to a reinvention of work with more human-centric DID YOU KNOW? of executives believe generative AI will compel their organisation to modernise its technology architecture while agree that leveraging AI agent ecosystems will be a significant opportunity for their organisations in the next three years. These findings are taken from Accenture’s Technology Vision 2024 report, which predicts how AI will be used by enterprises in the future. 95% 96% Photo: Accenture