Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

92 FEATURE For some manufacturers, the industrial metaverse has become a familiar part of daily operations. Digital twin technology and processes driven by the internet of things (IoT) have been built right into the DNA of these reimagined organisations and drive the implementation of sustainable practices. Others, though, struggle to understand these concepts and develop a clear strategy for the adoption of new methodologies so they can hit sustainability goals and remain profitable. “In terms of where the industry is at in its sustainability journey, there is a wide range of progress,” says Parag Ladha, director of manufacturing industry marketing at Microsoft. “Microsoft is committed to helping manufacturers accelerate their sustainability journey at any stage by providing data and artificial intelligence solutions for sustainability; meticulously integrating engineered offerings that will meet their needs.” These solutions will be key to enable manufacturing companies to be successful in the future. But what do manufacturers need to consider to make progress with sustainability? “The top challenges for advancing their environmental commitments are the need for upfront investment, technological debt and organisational prioritisation,” says Parag Ladha outlines how Microsoft is redefining the way manufacturers can integrate people, technology and infrastructure to automate operations in more sustainable and profitable ways green Manufacturing’s vision