Technology Record - Issue 32: Spring 2024

97 INDUSTRIALS & MANUFACTURING Mark Eastman Head of Global Cloud Alliances, Check Point Software Technologies “Check Point Infinity Playblocks enables automation and collaboration across a manufacturer’s entire security estate, including IoT devices and operational technologies networks. The moment a cyber threat is detected anywhere in the environment, the appropriate automated response playbook springs into action and takes cross-vector collaborative preventative actions to immediately contain threats, prevent damage and reduce operational overhead. For example, if a new type of IoT device is detected, it immediately notifies the manufacturing company’s administrators and applies the zero-trust policy, without interrupting operational management, allowing them to continue operating in a profitable way. This also applies to critical infrastructure industries that are prime targets for cyberattacks through their industrial control systems.” “Fellowmind has developed the Energy IoT Cloud platform to support customers in realising greater energy and cost savings. Built upon Azure services, IoT technologies are used to capture data throughout the manufacturing process utilising enterprise resource planning and externally sourced data. Business intelligence and machine learning are used to serve planning and insights purposes and the Microsoft Power Platform to build end-user solutions, enabling customers to evaluate and implement best practices for energy efficiency in production processes. The platform considers factors such as energy and cost efficiency, carbon dioxide reduction, cost efficiency and maximisation of production throughput to support customers in achieving their sustainability goals.” “By using IoT devices with Microsoft’s digital twin technology, manufacturers can create more effective planning parameters and reordering through Microsoft Business Central. IoT devices enable manufacturers to collect real-time data from their physical assets, machines and systems, and create virtual replicas of them using Microsoft’s digital twin technology. These digital twins allow manufacturers to remotely monitor and manage their production, detect anomalies and optimise maintenance schedules. Moreover, by integrating the data from IoT devices and digital twins with Microsoft Business Central, manufacturers can gain invaluable information for real-time decision-making and improve their planning and reordering processes.” Louise Ol-Ers Sustainability Manager, Fellowmind Group Patrick Johnson Dynamics 365 Business Central Practice Manager, LBMC Technology Solutions