Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

102 INTERVIEW Advancing industrial operations with AI Artificial intelligence software is already helping businesses across the industrial sector to work more productively and efficiently, reduce equipment downtime and improve environmental sustainability. AVEVA has already natively integrated the technology into its new CONNECT industrial cloud platform to make it easy for companies to analyse their data for actionable insights. It is now collaborating with Microsoft to develop a generative AI-powered assistant, which will be added to the CONNECT platform in 2024 and provide a subject matter expert at any time to help workers with multiple tasks. Jim Chappell, global head of AI and advanced analytics at AVEVA, explains how AI is evolving and why solutions powered by the technology will help to make industrial businesses more efficient and sustainable. Achieving net zero is now a critical priority for industries. How can AI-driven software help to reduce carbon emissions – both now and in the future? AI-powered solutions are already driving huge sustainability gains across all industries. These technologies are enabling organisations to reduce fuel consumption, improve carbon capture, lower emissions and maximise the lifecycles of their equipment. AI-driven software can help industrial businesses to engineer faster through suggestive design and simulation, operate at optimal production levels for maximum efficiency, and identify underperforming assets. It can also enable them to provide decision support to connected workers, reduce waste for maximum yield and detect potential equipment failures before they occur. All these advances directly contribute to the individual and collective cessation of global industrial emissions. AVEVA recently launched its CONNECT industrial cloud platform, which provides a single interface for cloud-based and on-premises applications through a flexible subscription model. How will AI technology be infused throughout the platform and power its performance? AI is natively embedded throughout CONNECT’s apps, empowering organisations to run smartly by leveraging value from their data through machine learning, smart visualisation and advanced analytics. In addition, both on-premises and cloud data can be sent to CONNECT Data Services to be analysed with AI-powered analytics BY REBECCA GIBSON Jim Chappell of AVEVA explains how AI technology’s new human-like capabilities will help the industrial sector to drive operational efficiency, sustainability and the move to Industry 5.0 “ AI-powered solutions are already driving huge sustainability gains across all industries”