Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

37 reaching maturity, AI transformation can occur at a speed we have never seen before. Plus, the adaptive cloud approach allows organisations to leverage cloud-native and AI technologies to work simultaneously across hybrid, multicloud, edge and IoT environments. Having gleaned valuable insights from their digital transformations, companies are now ready to embrace AI transformation. The increasing integration of AI into daily life, both at home and at work, will accelerate adoption across various domains. For instance, my eight-year-old son was a beta tester for Microsoft Reading Coach, which enables students to create stories using AI while improving their reading skills. He was learning how to read during the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone was wearing masks, which had a huge impact on how he and other children associated sounds with words. So, when I found out that the Microsoft Education team was developing an AI-powered reading coach, I was very excited for him. He used it daily for 20 minutes and gave feedback to the engineering team. He went from being at the bottom of the class for reading at the beginning of last summer to being at the very top of the class in just a few months. That’s only one example of how AI can empower people in our everyday lives. And in May 2024, Microsoft announced a partnership with Khan Academy that will enable all K-12 educators in the USA to access Khanmigo for Teachers for free, an AI teaching assistant powered by Azure OpenAI Service. Khanmigo offers AI-powered suggestions and teacher tools that alleviate administrative burdens, contributing to teacher wellbeing. With a few simple clicks on an onscreen dashboard, teachers can generate custom lesson plans in minutes, saving them up to five hours per week. This partnership underscores how our collaborations with partners enable us to scale and deliver exponential impact to industry customers. “ We’ve transitioned from the era of digital transformation to the era of AI transformation” Microsoft’s Reading Coach uses AI to help students improve their reading skills Photo: Microsoft