Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

45 “When talking to customer service agents, we’ve found that if they could change one thing in their day-to-day jobs, it would be to not have to answer the same basic questions from customers over and over again. So, we’ve built our generative AIpowered agent assist technology to enable them with the precise and contextually relevant knowledge they need at any point in a conversation. It simply makes their work less boring and repetitive. Real-time suggestions make them more confident to steer conversations in a fulfilling direction. This results in happier agents who stay longer, a much faster onboarding of new agents, diminished customer waiting times and soaring customer satisfaction scores.” Robbert Dijkstra CEO, Deepdesk Photo: Adobe Stock/Prostock-studio “Recent studies have indicated a productivity dip due to hybrid work models. However, the emergence of generative AI offers a powerful solution to this challenge. Microsoft’s AI productivity tools, known as Copilots, are transforming workplace collaboration by providing users with the means to enhance personal productivity and assist businesses in achieving their objectives efficiently. The array of specialised Copilots, coupled with the integration of low-code/ no-code solutions and AI-driven insights, empowers employees to develop custom apps, automate workflows and analyse data. This leads to more fulfilling and productive work environments, enabling teams to solve complex issues effectively and cultivate a network that values inclusivity and innovation.” Anshuman Agrawal Principal Technology Architect, Infosys “Generative AI will have an immense impact on the employee experience. When implemented responsibly, it eliminates rote tasks and repetitive functions, freeing employees to focus on high-value projects. IntelePeer’s platform coupled with Azure Open AI is driving 90 per cent of its self-serve automation in the contact centre in a very realistic and human-like manner. Interactions that need a live agent are typically more complicated, yet also more rewarding for both the employee and the business. The power lies in generative AI’s ability to handle routine enquiries while providing agents with the background needed to successfully deal with more complicated enquiries.” Matt Edic Chief Experience Officer, IntelePeer