Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

69 with Azure services purchased directly from Microsoft Marketplace, to deliver cost savings, improved data management and greater flexibility,” says Byers. Another priority for Ansys is improving efficiency for its customers to ensure they can consistently improve their daily operations. “Ansys is developing everything from simulation software to cloud interface so customers can deploy ready-to-use, preconfigured Ansys apps on Azure,” explains Byers. "Setting up a high-performance computing cloud configuration, particularly in the public cloud, can be tedious and time consuming, but Ansys is taking care of this work to ensure a simple and efficient process for our customers.” For Byers, the future will see further innovation between Microsoft and Ansys as they continue to help organisations to do more with less. “Having been a simulation engineer, I can remember many times when I cut corners or pulled up short in the work I wanted to do simply because I did not have enough computer power available,” explains Byers. “I fully expect we will see more significantly larger and more impressive simulations as we roll out Ansys Access on Azure, and we’ll have a lot of happy customers that realise they don’t need to compromise on their simulations due to a lack of power. In the long run, this will accelerate innovation at these companies and be a win-winwin for Ansys, Microsoft and our customers.”