Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

7 A time for real change Around half of the global population will vote in elections across more than 60 countries of the world in 2024, a record-breaking statistic. One element common across all of these regions will be the way in which political parties will leverage technology, either to drive key campaign messaging or to deliver citizen services once elected. Generative AI is set to become a key component in many of these conversations, and in the Summer 2024 issue of Technology Record, we showcase numerous examples of how tools like Microsoft Copilot are driving new opportunities across both the industrial and public sectors. Regardless of their political persuasions, organisations of every kind are under greater pressure to redress gender imbalances inherent within their traditionally male-led corporate and civic infrastructures. In an article beginning on page 80, we talk with a number of high-profile female leaders about the ways in which diverse organisations can increase profitability by narrowing the gender gap. Talking of inspiring women, we also speak with Kathleen Mitford, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of worldwide industry marketing, about the path that has led her to her current position. She also discusses the role new cloud and AI-driven tools will play in the year ahead for Microsoft, its global ecosystem of partners, and their customers worldwide. You’ll find that conversation on page 32. As always, your latest copy of Technology Record carries a number of compelling industry features, along with case studies, thought-provoking industry perspectives, analyst commentary, and news from across all sectors and geographies. I hope you enjoy the read. ANDY CLAYTON-SMITH: EXECUTIVE EDITOR WELCOME: SUMMER 2024