Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

75 Improving reliability and reducing risk Maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for energy producers. Downtime, whether planned or not, can lead to large drops in profitability and customer confidence. When engineers perform inspection and maintenance on assets, they often need to locate pertinent data (such as when the asset was last inspected). This is a timeconsuming process that can delay resolution. Cloud solutions can provide operators and engineers with up-to-date, accurate data on every asset in a unified platform, and trustworthy ML algorithms can process and analyse data to identify problems that might otherwise go undetected. As a result, operators and managers can proactively detect anomalies and identify risks in equipment performance, while inspectors and engineers can quickly access the data they need and accelerate resolution. The Cognite AI solution, a comprehensive suite of generative AI capabilities in Cognite Data Fusion by Microsoft partner Cognite, builds on this approach by using the power of Microsoft Cloud to simplify access to complex, industrial data and enable actionable insights. Better safety Ensuring the safety of workers is critical for energy organisations, and it ought to be a core element of any company’s modernisation strategy, particularly as businesses incorporate new resources such as wind energy. By using digital twins – virtual replicas of sites, assets and equipment – organisations can monitor and model situations to gain real-time insights into performance and simulate scenarios such as machinery failures. Organisations can use the data they collect and AI-driven solutions to examine trends such as employee movement in facilities and develop recommendations and policies for safer operations. No matter what the future holds, energy companies can prepare for it by transforming their business with cloud technologies. Learn more about AI and cloud solutions for the energy industry at: Maureen Mascaro is director of partner marketing for industry go-to-market strategy at Microsoft