Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

77 “ Adopting an infrastructureoriented approach to operational technology is critical to building a strong data foundation” By leveraging this foundation to support secure sharing, everyone from energy generators to grid operators and utilities and service providers can ensure supply meets demand. Data from all sources is growing every day. Around 50 per cent of all industrial data was created in the last two years, and that will still be true in 2024. Integrating and analysing information from an increasingly diverse group of data sources in real time will be key to breaking down silos and building a holistic view of the grid so power companies can keep it reliable and resilient. Hundreds of our clients globally are already seeing the benefits of a flexible but robust data infrastructure that unlocks the potential of AI and analytics solutions. Take Italybased renewable energy provider Enel, which needed to build a remote predictive diagnostic centre to identify and report abnormal asset behaviour to avoid failures and reduce maintenance costs. The firm relied on a robust data infrastructure and over 5,000 predictive models to monitor assets across five countries. As a result, it saved over €40 million in asset failure avoidance and maintenance costs. Another example is Southern Company, which maximised the availability of renewable power generation assets across solar, wind, gas, battery assets and fuel cells from Bloom Energy. Developing a solar and wind asset monitoring strategy based on inverter temperatures, generator step up bushings and medium voltage transformers, Southern Company built over 2,700 models for solar and wind asset health monitoring and saved over $700,000. To maximise the value of data, it is essential for power firms to have a solid infrastructure framework that can manage increasingly complex data in a secure and scalable way. The utility sector’s resilience lies in its ability to embrace data-powered insights within a connected and trusted stakeholder community. Successful next-generation power networks will be those that generate a single source of truth within a solid data infrastructure foundation. Learn how AVEVA’s AI solutions can help businesses maximise the value of their data at: Harpreet Gulati is executive vice president for sustainability and the PI System business unit at AVEVA Photo: iStock/Daniel Balakov