Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

79 identified line of business requirements for select organisations, such as managing ledgers or other central finance functions. Data was tested regularly, and once functionality was reliable, the team began wave one of the deployment. This process helped Kyndryl to identify gaps in the marketplace and opportunities to help other organisations facing similar challenges. As a result, the firm has established a new SAP centre of excellence and is collaborating with SAP to develop the SAP Business Transformation Center. “The SAP Business Transformation Center significantly simplifies data migration and transformation, while offering customers and partners an easy-to-use, guided user experience,” says Michael Bradshaw, chief information officer at Kyndryl. “Combined with Kyndryl’s deep expertise in data migration and app modernisation services, together we enable and accelerate our customer’s transformation into intelligent enterprises by setting up cost-effective, reliable and operationally sustainable processes based on their unique needs.” Following deployment, Kyndryl has identified several business benefits that the transformation journey has unlocked for both current and future customers. For example, Kyndryl’s Delivery Platform now provides a consistent client experience, makes deliveries more efficient and supports automation objectives across the enterprise by aligning with an enterprise platform strategy. Meanwhile, enterprise operations can leverage a portfolio of strategic platforms that enable a streamlined business process by integrating orders, billings and payment processes. The journey is not over yet however. Kyndryl is using the experience gained from treating its environment as customer zero to model the learnings and optimisation cycles that customers want to experience as they undergo their own business transformations. By simplifying and optimising its technology estate, Kyndryl is now better poised to serve customers and fulfil its mission and purpose. The firm will continue to build on this strong foundation and deliver continuous improvements in the SAP platform. Photo: iStock/Morsa Images