Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

86 ROUNDTABLE certification, which can misleadingly imply that they need coding expertise. It’s crucial to clarify what each certification entails and the specific skills it provides. How do you think the business landscape will evolve for women and those in other minority groups in the next 12 months? CB: The adoption of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives will help support women and minority groups. Shareholders and activist groups are increasingly holding companies accountable for commitments, demanding detailed employee demographics, racial equity audits and pay gap reports. These measures are expected to improve inclusive hiring and promotion practices. Also, the rise of AI presents opportunities for minority groups with AI ethics proposals pushing for the adoption of policies to prevent bias and discrimination in AI apps. AR: Predicting the evolution of the technology landscape for women and minorities is complex. However, adopting transparent promotion tracks and inclusive hiring practices, alongside providing mentorship, advancing equal opportunities, and promoting women and minorities into leadership roles, can transform the industry. These efforts will not only create fairer workplaces but also drive innovation by tapping into the unique perspectives and skills that women bring to technology. GS: Organisations need to respond to the industry-wide talent shortage by expanding their employee candidate set. The best way to do this is by recruiting outside of their network by intentionally changing recruitment practices. It’s also important to note that businesses are snapping back to working in the office. Several companies are reinforcing set days in the office and so becoming less flexible, leading to the loss of women in technology roles. Women favour roles that are more flexible and will avoid those that are not. Gavriella Schuster talks about the importance of allyship at industry events, including at the Microsoft Alumni Network Connect Conference in September 2023 “ With allyship, it’s the little moments that matter” GAVRIELLA SCHUSTER