Technology Record - Issue 33: Summer 2024

95 VIEWPOINT FINANCIAL SERVICES Another layer for security Financial services organisations are using features in Microsoft Purview to prevent data loss, reduce insider risk and enhance regulatory compliance Synergy Technical understands the critical importance of security and compliance in the financial services industry. Our customers, ranging from small community banks and local credit unions to large multi-state banks across the USA, express a profound concern about securing their environments against internal and external threats. In response, we have championed the implementation of Microsoft Purview to bolster their defences and ensure regulatory compliance. Purview has been a game-changer for our clients because it streamlines the detection and classification of sensitive data. This powerful tool automatically identifies, labels and protects data across various platforms, ensuring that all sensitive information is handled with the highest security standards. Our clients have benefited from the capabilities in Purview to encrypt sensitive data and control access based on its specific classification, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised data breaches. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a critical component of Purview. At Synergy Technical, we have leveraged this feature to help our clients monitor and control the movement of data within their organisations. By establishing robust DLP policies, we have enabled them to prevent sensitive information from leaking, maintain their clients’ trust and adhere to strict compliance standards. Our approach to information governance includes facilitating automated data lifecycle management, which aligns perfectly with the regulatory requirements in the financial sector. Purview’s automated retention and deletion policies ensure that data is kept only as long as needed and disposed of securely, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties. The insider risk management features of Purview provide another layer of security. We have helped our clients implement systems that detect unusual access patterns or data usage that could suggest internal threats. This proactive mitigation is crucial for safeguarding against potential security incidents from within an organisation. The comprehensive compliance management capabilities of Purview have also been pivotal. The compliance dashboard has given our clients a clear view of their compliance status, helping them to identify gaps and enforce the necessary actions to strengthen their regulatory posture. In the face of legal challenges, the e-discovery tools within Purview have streamlined the data search, hold and export process, thereby enhancing compliance and reducing associated risks. Furthermore, by integrating Purview with Microsoft 365 Defender, we have enhanced our clients’ threat protection capabilities, providing them with sophisticated tools to combat cyber threats effectively. At Synergy Technical, we are proud to have successfully implemented Purview for various financial sector clients, enhancing their security profiles and ensuring they meet their compliance goals. Our commitment to providing advanced solutions continues to help our clients navigate the complex landscape of financial regulations confidently and securely. Dan Finn is vice president of sales at Synergy Technical DAN FINN: SYNERGY TECHNICAL “ Microsoft Purview will bolster defences and ensure regulatory compliance”