Editorial advisory panel

The editorial calendar for The Record is put together with guidance from leading members of Microsoft’s worldwide industry and public sector teams, addressing key topics that are capturing the attention of technology executives in today’s world of civic and commercial business.

Andy Clayton Smith

Executive Editor, The Record

Anthony Salcito

Worldwide Vice President, Education, Microsoft

Bob DeHaven

General Manager, Worldwide Communications and Media, Microsoft

Çağlayan Arkan

General Manager, Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources, Microsoft

Janet Lewis

Vice president, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft

Jon Ingleton

Managing Director, Tudor Rose

Lindsay James

Editor, The Record

Neil Jordan

General Manager, worldwide Healthcare, Microsoft

Tim Turitto

General Manager, worldwide Government Services, Microsoft

Toni Townes-Whitley

Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector and Industry, Microsoft

Tony Emerson

Managing Director, Worldwide Media and Cable

Tracy Issel

General Manager, Worldwide Retail, Microsoft