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Welcome to Technology Record Partner Zone. This area is dedicated to providing technology solution providers with resources to assist them in the promotion of their brands, products and services across the entire suite of Technology Record products, including the websites, email newsletter and quarterly printed magazine.

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Editorial summary

While guided by our Editorial Advisory Board and Microsoft’s business strategies, content is ultimately driven by end customers. Our annual editorial summary provides an overview for big topics that we’ll cover during the year and the issue summary provides a more detailed insight into what you can expect, including some of our Microsoft, partner and end-customer contributors.

Media Information

Technology Record provides traditional advertising, content marketing and other opportunities to raise your brand awareness, gain a competitive advantage, generate leads and improve customer loyalty. Download our Media Information to investigate the options that offer the right approach for your business. The document provides more information about the suite of products, our large and captive audiences, content marketing and advertising opportunities and rates, editorial approach and our alignment with Microsoft business strategies:

Publishing partnership

For Microsoft partners who really want to extend their business reach through their participation in Technology Record, there are a limited number of Publishing Partnership opportunities. The depth and breadth of coverage achieved through this route is unsurpassed. The document below lists the multiple advertising, content and branding elements of the package. Your Technology Record partner manager will be happy to discuss customisations to these elements to match your sales and marketing goals.

Additional information

  • Artwork essentials – information on advertising file formats, dimensions and guidelines
  • Advertisement design portfolio – if you require help with your advertisement design our portfolio provides a selection of advertisements designed by our in-house marketing services team to illustrate our capabilities
  • Technology Record logo – for you to use in your own marketing activities to link to and/or otherwise promote your participation in Microsoft’s customer magazine
  • E-media advertising

Join the conversation

As Microsoft’s financial year draws to close we take stock of the past twelve months on Technology Record, showcasing some of the opinions voiced by a cross section of our contributors and selected industry thought-leaders, before setting the scene for work which we are planning in the coming year. Download a copy of our annual report.

Case studies

To see how other partners have promoted their businesses within the Technology Record suite of publications, review the below case studies:

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