The Record - Issue 18: Autumn 2020

43 Daniel Fox Channel marketing director at CloudCall Mar Jorba Product manager for MECOMS at Ferranti Computer Systems Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS “Microsoft’s Partner Network encourages the sharing of information by bringing a wide range of experts together and the ideas that come from this collaboration result in solutions that are more accessible to Microsoft customers. The experience and innovation of trusted Microsoft partners help ensure that exciting technology is delivered in ways that transform the lives of those who use or are served by it. As a partner, CloudCall has benefited from a close relationship with Microsoft and other partners – it’s this collaboration that fuels huge ongoing benefits for our customers. With around 50,000 users globally, CloudCall has partnered with Microsoft since launch. CloudCall was built specifically to put communication tools and data together within Dynamics, making business communications easier, quicker and more powerful. By integrating business-critical communications within the Dynamics 365 platform, CloudCall helps Dynamics 365 users optimise call and SMS outreach, managing contact interactions directly from their customer relationship management (CRM) solution. With a full view of relevant communications across all calls and messages with CloudCall for Dynamics 365, users know exactly what interactions have taken place and are able to use this insight to drive productivity and success.” “MECOMS 365 is an innovative platform tailored to the specific needs of the utility market and built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, which means there are more than one hundred pre-built apps available to customise MECOMS’ platform for every client. Nowadays, there’s a lot of frustration in many companies because different applications run on different systems and can’t work as one. Companies won’t have those frustrations with our platform because everything is built within Microsoft’s ecosystem. You can add apps, integrate them easily with other functionalities and adjust them to the needs of the market. Microsoft never falls behind as it is constantly investing in innovative technologies, and the more they invest in new tools, the more we can offer our clients. And the happier our clients are, the better for us and for Microsoft.” “ICONICS has a history of over three decades of Microsoft technology integration. Our new CFSWorX connected field service worker solution easily integrates with enterprise resource planning/customer relationship management systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, using existing contact information, schedules, and field workers’ catalogued skill sets. Key CFSWorX features include real- time equipment monitoring, reliable alert notifications, customisable workflow-based escalation and an audit trail. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service provides built-in intelligence to help resolve service issues before they occur, reduce operational costs and deliver positive on-site experiences. CFSWorX reliably notifies workers of equipment alerts, which they can accept or reject. Workers can also create a work order in Dynamics 365 directly from their mobile device. On-site, technicians receive full information on the problem, along with a complete repair history and guidance toward required parts and tools (all provided through Dynamics 365) for a fast, informed fix.”