The Record - Issue 19: Winter 2020

42 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om COV E R S TOR Y Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS Taras Young Marketing manager at CompanyNet Cathy Redford Vice president of sales at Synergy Technical “As a provider of automation software solutions, our aim is to help customers make sense of the wide array of data they generate and use it to increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce operational costs. We have a working relationship – spanning over 34 years – with Microsoft (including six Partner of the Year awards) focused on each company’s shared strengths for customer benefits. ICONICS IoTWorX takes maximum advantage of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to provide global visibility, scalability and reliability. Users can leverage standard ICONICS apps in the cloud such as GENESIS64 data visualisation, Hyper Historian rapid data archiving/retrieval and AnalytiX advanced data analysis. Azure services such as Power BI and machine learning can be integrated with ICONICS cloud-enabled tools to provide greater depth of analysis.” “The financial services industry has experienced a massive digital transformation in 2020. At Synergy Technical, we work with financial services organisations of all sizes, from small community banks to large investment firms with global clients. We’ve helped many of these implement Windows Virtual Desktop to quickly enable a fully remote workforce, sometimes almost overnight. These same organisations have embraced Teams as a means to quickly and easily communicate both with their internal teams as well as their external customers. Using these technologies, financial institutions are now able to continue to meet their complex security requirements and provide highly personalised experiences for consumers.” “We use Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tools to help our customers speed up and simplify their operations. For example, Scottish Water manages reservoirs, water treatment works and pumping stations across Scotland. It uses an ISO-compliant Building Information Management system for its projects, and so files must be named in line with a global standard, complete with codes for metadata such as project number, location and asset classification. While these filenames are machine-readable, they are laborious to create and introduce human error – risking vital documents getting lost in the system. Using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, CompanyNet created a user-friendly solution that creates ISO-compliant filenames, helping the water supplier continue to meet industry standards. Now, thanks to cloud computing and Microsoft Power Platform, Scottish Water is confident that it meets regulatory requirements, while simplifying daily processes for its employees.”