The Record - Issue 19: Winter 2020

44 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om “A successful Microsoft 365 migration relies on several critical components. When a large financial company in Canada was moving from Exchange 2016 to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, IT management decided that ‘service quality delivered’ would be the key success measurement indicator. Their objective was to deliver the same end-user experience with Microsoft 365 that was achieved by Exchange on-premises. Martello’s Gizmo solution for Microsoft 365 was implemented pre-migration at key locations globally, obtaining a baseline of the end-user experience. IT operations staff determined necessary statistics for inclusion in monthly reports and identified potential blind spots between end-users and the Microsoft cloud. After the baseline, the company continued to use Gizmo to perform end-user and network latency tests. By the end of the project, Martello’s monitoring solution facilitated a successful migration that included a service ticket volume reduction and a proactive approach to help minimise end user impact.” Rob Doucette Vice president of product management at Martello Technologies COV E R S TOR Y Sammy Wahab Founder and CEO of Aztute “Aztute is using Microsoft Cloud’s big data and artificial intelligence platform to help public health agencies establish the connection between policy implementation and epidemiological data. Our approach will enable these agencies to make quick decisions on enacting new policies and guidelines based on industry sectors and regions. Rapid and data-driven decision-making can save lives and minimise impact to economies when public health crises emerge. For this effort to be successful, vast volumes of data are required from disparate sources. This data is then aggregated, organised and analysed, which requires a secure and powerful computational infrastructure. To this end, Microsoft’s platform enables the creation of our powerful data models.”